We Celebrate Selfdom

Personality, Passions, and Culture are what drive us. At OddlyME, we believe in freedom through expression, and that means sharing our journey.

Our bloggers run the spectrum of minimalistic mavens to chic sweethearts, with every ounce of personality oozing through each blog. Life is meant to be truly lived. And truly living is meant to be shared. We hope our tribe inspires you to truly live and share too. That’s what it means to us to Celebrate Selfdom.

Meet our Chief Celebrators


KAtherine Dunn, easy+minimal

I was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado, less than 50 miles from the unassuming Rocky Mountains. I live in Atlanta now but I travel (mostly) around the U.S. and to some extent the world, checking out local gems and common tourist attractions, absorbing style and food trends as I go.  I have a closet full of cute flats but like my grandmother, heels are my first love.  And I'm determined to find the unicorn known as "a balance of healthy eating and sweet treats". If you ask me, life's pleasures are simple and should include warm fall days, clever quips and sweet tea.


kim lute, CHIC Happens

A recovering TV producer, I'm working fastidiously--yet unsuccessfully--on my addiction to politics.  I'm a hopeless Miles Davis enthusiast, who enjoys gallery-hopping and Nutella cupcakes. I owe my green eyes and gumbo-cooking talent to my Creole genes. And when I'm not blogging all things chic, me and my fur baby Lola Bean Pod are living it up in Atlanta.


Whether you love Food, Style, Travel, or just Personal Experiences of Everyday Life and All Its Wonders... 
You’re in The Right Place.

Join us as we share what really matters – Celebrating Selfdom.