Charm School: Planning Holiday Sleepovers

Charm School: Planning Holiday Sleepovers

Just as there's an art to hosting the perfect soiree, there's a particular set of modern commandments one should follow when hosting loved ones for the holidays-- a task that can sap the joy out of an otherwise joyous time of year. A skilled hostess knows it's her job to ensure that each and every need is met with a smile and an all knowing wink no matter how taxing or inconvenient the request. So, after years of opening my home to my nearest and dearest, I've cobbled together 10 tips that would make even the Ritz Carlton and its most skilled hostess, envious. In addition to ensuring that the sheets are freshly laundered and ironed and providing lush soaps for overnight guests, these directives are sure to pamper the most discerning travelers.

1. Make sure the guest room is tech friendly with a list of your wi-fi passwords, TV parental control codes and a phone charger.

2. Leave a water carafe, tissues and tea on the nightstand.

3. Bedside candles help provide warmth to any room.

4. Fluffy blankets for cold winter nights are a must.

5. If you really want to impress, monogrammed towels will upgrade anyone's bath time.


6. Fresh flowers--hopefully the guest's choice selection--are, without question, a necessity.

7. A plush bathrobe with matching slippers are certain to comfort weary guests after hours of sightseeing. 

8. Wooden hangers and ample closet space show that you've given great thought to your guest's needs.

9. Magazines, books, and a pen and pad are considerate essentials.

10. A set of house keys so your guests can come and go as they please.

If you have tips on how to be the chicest of chic hostesses, add your comments below!


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