How to Properly Wrap Holiday Gifts

With the holidays hurtling toward us, the list of things to do can be downright overwhelming. Cooking, hosting, shopping and party-hopping will leave even the most well-prepared teetering on the edge of a holiday meltdown. But all tasks needn't be a chore. Personally, one of my favorite Christmas to-dos is picking out wrapping paper, satin, silk and velvet ribbons, and embellished gift cards. When presenting a gift, one should ensure that every detail is thoughtfully considered. Each presentation should be a reflection of your personal aesthetic. 


First, the no-nos. Plastic bows are for gift-wrapping novices. Investing in satin, velvet and silk ribbons, and re-using them year after year, is a wise and chic choice. Also, while economy-sized rolls of wrapping paper are a popular and easy choice, consider individual handmade sheets of paper. Second, consider themes. Choose one dominant color for ribbons that will literally tie your gift-wrapping wardrobe together. Notice in the above picture that I used gold ribbon to tie together my 2016 look. Additionally, consider adding real mistletoe, family photographs, eucalyptus and ornaments to your wrapped gifts for a chic look with cheery dimensions. Next, consider ordering bespoke gift enclosures. The Printery in Oyster Bay, NY is my TOP choice. in order to get them in time, consider ordering them well in advance of Halloween. For detailed, luxe wrapping papers, try PaperSource, a nationwide chain with the feel and selection of an uptown boutique. Their handmade papers, while on the expensive side, are impressive.

Lastly, flex your creative muscles! Did you know they have chalkboard wrapping paper that you and your family can drawn on for a festive, personalized twist! Further, consider investing in wax and a wax sealer as a means for holding ribbons and cards in place. It's incredibly chic and shows that you've given your gift-giving game serious thought!


If you have additional tips on how to create gorgeously wrapped gifts, add your comments below!

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