Give Your Child the Gift of Self, Representation and Celebration

Your little ones will love hanging out with Zhara, Ashton and Ivy! These adorable figures have been created with love and purpose. We think you'll love them just because but the bonus is you'll support brands that celebrate our most precious gifts - our children - in all their beautiful hues. As always, we're sharing because we love you and we love them. Merry Christmas!


1. Zhara and Ashton have their own collection as part of the Little Mufffincakes Baby Boutique. These stickers are so super cute, and at only $2 each, we're not sure how you can resist! 

2. Zhara and Ashton Christmas t-shirt, $20. We know, so freakin' darling.

3. When challenges come as they may, I tell myself: "I WILL find a way!” ~Ivy aka Ivylocs. Professional problem solver Ivy's aunt is getting married but they are really close and spend a lot of time together, so she worries that her getting married might ruin the relationship. Find out how Ivy puts her motto to use to find a way to solve this problem. $9.99.

4. Let your little girl's imagination run wild with this CREATIVE JOURNAL made just for her! This is a gift that she will treasure again and again - when she writes fresh memories in her journal and years later when she's able to relive her memories all over again. $12.

5. Tis' the season where angels get to shine, from the top of trees to every piece of holiday decoration! Wrap all of your finds in a legion of brown angels. Before they're even opened they'll be a hit with little tots, preteens, and even the grown ups.  Midnight Reflections is shipping priority mail this week so order by Wednesday to receive your paper by Saturday. And at $5.99, may as well stock up for next year!

6. Zhara sticker. $2.