An Artist & Her Canvas

An Artist & Her Canvas

If a writer’s sword is her pen, then artist Tammie Demessie Shelton’s weapon of choice is color. Layers and layers of punctuated bursts of color.

An emerging abstract artist, Demessie Shelton takes her emotions out on her canvass and art collectors are better for it. She creates images that are both elegant and spirited, distracting and hypnotic. In fact, each piece holds such depth that one might easily mistake her acrylic masterpieces for multidimensional worlds unto themselves, purposeful swirls of vibrancy. Blending complimentary color palettes as deftly as she melds unexpected combinations is intuitive for this artist on the rise. Enviable indeed.

I recently had a chance to interview Demessie Shelton and find out what drives her to create such impressive pieces, and who and what inspires her impressive creative voice.

When did you realize you were good enough to market and sell your artwork?

When someone commissioned me to create artwork for their home.

How would you describe your artwork?

Ethereal abstract. I only paint out of a feeling.

What inspires you?

Color! I love color!

Where is your artwork exhibited? Where can people purchase your pieces?

My artwork is at They have more pieces in their gallery than online. They’ve been very supportive of my career.

Why should people buy your artwork?

My artwork is unique and every piece is one of a kind. No prints have been made.

How did you find your artistic voice?

I love colors and know that I get too frustrated with realism and I need to get my energy out, so I just tried going off my feelings and it worked.

What do you hope people get from your artwork?

I hope people get a feeling of freedom and relaxation from my paintings.

What artist inspires you the most?

Paul Goodnight. I love the way he layers his colors, and gives all of his paintings his own unique flavor.

What piece is your favorite and why?

This piece is my favorite because during the time I was painting it I was going through major difficult transitions in my life and working on it brought me joy.


For more pictures of Demessie Shelton’s work, head over to the OddlyME App on your iPhone or Android device.

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