Winter Pick Me Up

January is a punishingly cold month in more ways than one. From unforgiving weather patterns to the nagging guilt most feel after—mere weeks into the New Year—they’ve already abandoned their resolutions, January can feel like that one month on the calendar that merely gets in the way of February’s amorous possibilities and March’s introduction to Spring.

If you too are feeling depleted and suffering from a case of “I wish it weren’t so excruciatingly cold” blues and “I wish I hadn’t eaten every candy cane this side of the Mississippi” pains there is hope for you yet. Those once impressive, superlative promises to overhaul our lives, in earnest can be simplified.  To wit: a quick dash through your local Whole Foods can do wonders for the fatigued and bloated among us.

If the culprit that has been nipping at your heels happens to a sugary, gooey dessert of epic proportions than a safe, gentle detox is in order. Ridding your body of toxins will show your waist and skin mercy. However, beware: before you begin any weight loss program seek your doctor’s advice, and be sure to drink plenty of water during your detox.


Give yourself an extra hour of sleep. A deeper, longer slumber is one of the easiest ways to lead a healthier life. More sleep also means less stress. Most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep but 9 or more is ideal. The more sleep you have at night, the more productive and focused you are during the day. It’s also one less hour of foraging for donuts holes, which for me is reason enough to remain in a perpetual state of slumber.

Just as you might edit your wardrobe every season, set aside a couple hours to go through the list of supplements and vitamins you’ve been taking. Toss out those that have proven ineffective. If you’re lacking sleep, for instance, consider introducing Melatonin, a safe, all natural supplement; if you’ve noticed thinning hair and nails, try taking Biotin, and if your lacking energy try taking vitamin B6 vitamins. If you’re over 40, consider taking Evening Primrose for improved health. Be sure to seek your doctor’s advice FIRST, and make sure he or she knows which prescribed medicines you’re currently taking.

More tips to help invigorate you:

  1. Schedule playtime where you detach from all forms of social media for at least an hour a day. Meditate, journal, send out handwritten thank you notes, anything productive that requires focus. Plan family dinners, go for a walk, or play with a pet. And when you return to Facebook and Instagram, consider deleting friends or family that you find emotionally exhausting or draining.
  2. Everyday give your body an extra 10-15 minutes of special attention. Replace a quick shower with a leisurely hot bubble bath. Give yourself a facial, a paraffin hand treatment or a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. Showing your body love and attention is an easy way to lift your sprits and sense of self worth.
  3. Schedule all your annual doctor’s appointments with your primary care doctor, gynecologist, vision doctor, dentist, and any specialists your doctor’s suggest. Making sure that you’re monitoring your health is vital.
  4. Find agencies where you can make a difference in 2017 and volunteer. Regardless of whom you voted for, helping to build your community while protecting the most vulnerable in your community is a great way to make a difference. Find issues that matter most to you: literacy, AIDS awareness, or domestic violence and commit to being part of the solution. Additionally, there are issues of national importance that you can protest or donate to, including the Flint water crisis and the Dakota Pipeline access protests. A purpose-driven life is a life well lived.

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A recovering TV producer, I'm working fastidiously--yet unsuccessfully--on my addiction to politics.  I'm a hopeless Miles Davis enthusiast, who enjoys gallery-hopping and Nutella cupcakes. I owe my green eyes and gumbo-cooking talent to my Creole genes. And when I'm not blogging all things chic, me and my fur baby Lola Bean Pod are living it up in Atlanta.