My Journey (with breast cancer). Part 1.

Looking for Part 2? Find it here.

Ending a marriage is never easy.  Doesn't matter who is right or who is wrong. It hurts everyone.  
I was married fifteen years to my first husband. Fifteen years later, I got married again.  

I was 51 years old. I was told I had to have a mammogram every two years after 40.  I did that religiously.  My new husband, sounds like a new pair of shoes, noticed I had a lump on my left breast.  He very gently informed me that since he was retired military that I should check out my new doctors.  I kept putting it off.  I was a new bride I had other things to occupy my time.  

Finally, after him constantly suggesting I see someone, I made an appointment with a primary doctor.  My luck, she was pregnant and my appointment was cancelled.  My husband became
A little irritated.  "Honey, go to someone else."

Now, he was getting on my nerves.  So I made a mammogram appointment.   It was just about due.  

I did not like mammograms.  They were painful and to me just a waste of time.  

Got it done on Monday.  Tuesday afternoon I am working in my office.  My phone rings.  "Honey, you need to call the hospital, they want to talk to you about your mammogram ."Now I am frustrated.   Maybe they couldn't read it.  So I call the hospital.  They tell me I needed to come and do an ultra sound.  They just wanted to get a better picture.  I asked if everything was ok. The tech quickly tried to reassure me.  It happens.  I hate that phrase.