The Rise of Gender-Neutral Fragrances

Smelling like a dapper don is Fall's chicest trend. Fruity, floral scents, while classic choices, fail to dominate the senses like the powerful, arresting top-notes of a batch of scents I've recently discovered. I'm famously that woman who leaves a trail of perfume wherever I go. And there's absolutely nothing chicer. For years, I mixed perfumes in an effort to create a signature scent that typified the woman I hope to be: sentimental but hard-charging; a fearless trendsetter who is as intimidating and sexy as the highest pair of black, pointy-toed stilettos. The following fragrances, which effortlessly bring to mind YSL tuxedoes, VVS1 diamond cigar bands, and gold aviators, fit this bill perfectly. The only rule to follow when selecting a scent: go forth and be BOLD.

1.) CREED Aventus is my all-time favorite. Pricey, it's an investment but one whose dividends are priceless. You'll want to bathe in this scent, but at $455, you'd be wise to use this powerful scent as sparingly as you would eat caviar.

2.) Tom Ford's Extreme, ($130). Few do unisex scents better than Ford, whose fragrances are demonstrative of the discriminating, enviable alpha female. Your inner Anna Wintour would approve.

3.) Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt, ($135). If there's ever been a beachy, masculine scent this is it. Impossibly sophisticated, I've only received rave reviews for this soon-to-be classic. A treat for anyone standing next to you.

4.) Maison Margiela "REPLICA" Jazz Club, ($126). I discovered this uber fabulous brand when I was gifted their popular "Beach Walk" scent. "Jazz Club" with its scents of musk, tobacco leaves and tonka beans is for the woman who prefers black diamonds and Vesper martinis to white diamonds and Cosmopolitans. 

5.) Diptyque's L'Eau, ($130) is a spicy scent that's exclusive to the brand's Paris boutique. Cinnamon, geranium and clove make this iconic choice a staple for those who aim to smell as good as the best Italian cashmere feels.

6.) Rodin's Olio Blis, ($300). If you're seeking a powerhouse scent that'll bring out the inner mogul in you, look no further. This arresting green-violet-orris fragrance with lavender undertones lingers like a lovestruck paramour. Shy girls needn't buy. This is a big girl's choice.



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