In Her Shoes


It was my mother who taught me that it's always appropriate to send thank you notes, to avoid wearing fake jewelry, to never use paper ribbons when wrapping gifts, and to always go to bed wearing something pretty. As such, while some women claim to have numerous pairs of black stilettos and multiple pairs of the same jeans, my closet is filled mostly with luxe pajamas, coordinating robes and house slippers. 

I recently found these darling handmade slippers at Atlanta's Ericka Reade boutique and I fell in love. So much so, I bought them for my mother's 69th birthday! And while they cost a pretty penny ($120) I know she'll get my money's worth. What fashionista wouldn't want to amble about the house in the cutest slippers known to man? I, for one, long for those glamorous days when a hostess would entertain guests in chic satin house dresses and luxurious slippers!

If you're like me, and want to invest in nighttime footwear, consider these tips: make sure your slippers are slip -proof, buy them one size too big so you can wear them with your favorite fuzzy socks,  try to find a pair that are as fabulous as they are comfortable, and consider buying a pair that can be monogrammed!


A recovering TV producer, I'm working fastidiously--yet unsuccessfully--on my addiction to politics.  I'm a hopeless Miles Davis enthusiast, who enjoys gallery-hopping and Nutella cupcakes. I owe my green eyes and gumbo-cooking talent to my Creole genes. And when I'm not blogging all things chic, me and my fur baby Lola Bean Pod are living it up in Atlanta.