The Six Chic Things Every House Needs

A home, like a wardrobe, should be built over time. And each space and each room should be a direct reflection of your aesthetic and all the things that are most important to you. A glam pad should never look "designed." Trends should also be avoided like the plague. Think personalization. Individualization. And you'll create the home of everyone's dreams. That, and investing in these six quintessentially chic items!

A PIANO. What it says about you: You appreciate music, the arts and you enjoy celebratory occasions enough that you're willing to invest in a piano. You must also think music wafting through your home is a privilege.


A BAR. What it says about you: You take your hosting skills seriously. You understand that mixology is an art form. And you like catering to your guests' individual preferences. 

GREAT ART. What it says about you: You wisely see art as an investment. You appreciate the creative process. You believe that art infuses a space with controversy, beauty and spirituality, as well as a sense of independence. Artistic impression is necessary. 


A CHIC OUTDOOR DINING SPACE. What it says about you: You're willing and excited to buck norms. You know that dining under a night or blue sky elevates any meal. You appreciate the outdoors. You value informality. You're not afraid to utilize every space in your home.

A WELL-STOCKED LIBRARY. What it says about you: You love to learn and other's opinions matter. You're always working to better yourself. You understand the power of storytelling. Wisely invest in first editions and coffee table books.


GREAT LIGHTING AND FABRICS. What it says about you: Great art is meaningless without proper lighting. Someone who invests in great lighting knows that a well-lit room is as vital as the items filling it. Beautiful fabrics are also telling. It shows an attention to detail, a tendency to consider even the tiniest detail. Besides, who doesn't want to lose themselves in a soft sofa, to dine with the heaviest of cotton napkins or to sleep on the finest quality sheets.

What do you think makes a home chic? Add your comments below!