The Top Edible Beauty Fixes You Already Have in Your Kitchen

Don't get me wrong: there are some top-shelf  $400 night creams that are worth every single, sacrificial Benjamin. But not every beauty fix needs to be expensive or gorgeously packaged. In fact, some of my most trusted and effective products were found in my kitchen pantry. From Meyer lemons to oatmeal, to olive oil and coffee grounds, you can minimize pores, whiten your nails and brighten your complexion with the exact same ingredients you'd use to cook breakfast!

Confession: Initially I was skeptical. But once I noticed that many of the contents of the luxe brands filling my bathroom, like caffeine and vitamin C, were already in my kitchen, I decided to do some research. And the rest is beauty history!


·      My favorite facial mask is made with equal parts one tablespoon coffee grounds, olive oil and ground cocoa. Mix together and apply to clean, damp skin for 40 minutes. After rinsing in cool water you'll notice a visibly brighter complexion!

·      Next, lemons are worth their weight in beauty GOLD. To whiten your nails, slice a lemon in half, sprinkle with baking soda, and rub vigorously for five minutes. To combat facial acne or skin discoloration, mix two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice with one tablespoon of cinnamon and apply to clean, damp skin for 15 minutes. This mask will BURN! But that only means it's working. The sensation will subside so fret not!

·      For a moisturizing facial mask, mix equal parts honey and dry oatmeal. Apply mask to a clean face for a treatment that will minimize those pesky pores and hydrate thirsty skin.

·      Speaking of moisturizing treatments: for parched tresses, drench freshly washed, wet hair with olive oil. Yes, OLIVE OIL. It sounds absurd, but trust me, it turns dry lackluster strands into moist, glossy plates. I apply the oil before I apply my conditioner and then I sit under a dryer for 30 minutes. You'll need to wash hair to remove the oil, but once you see and feel the results you'll be glad you tried it. Your hair will be mirror shiny and baby soft.


·      Castor oil is another excellent emollient. When I wear my hair natural I love to add a small amount to my ends the night before washing my hair. It's also a great way to moisturize cuticles, rough heels and elbows.  And for the driest of hair, substitute olive oil for castor oil. It can seem impossibly thick, but it promotes hair grow and combats brittle hair. It works. Remember to add before you apply your conditioner and either sit under a dryer or wrap head with a HOT towel. Again, you'll need to wash your hair after this treatment. It does add another step, but it's one you won't mind once you see the results.

If you have other DIY beauty fixes, share them in the comments section!