Gallery Hopping: The Female Artists You Need to Know Now

I remember the first time I discovered Kara Walker. I was reading a Vogue magazine and came across a profile piece featuring her highly controversial yet mesmerizing black and white silhouettes. It changed who I was, how I viewed myself, and how I fit in a world that can be inhospitable to the point of being dangerous. This. is, of course, what great art should do. Walker's work is in a league all its own. It's just that dope. And woke. And fiercely creative.  

Walker's work has also made me a collector. Once you feel the power of great art, you can't help but want to learn about other awe-inspiring artists. I've crisscrossed the country, picking up art by established artists and those who are up and coming. If you're also interested in becoming a collector, I've put together a list of artists in honor of March's Women's History month that are worth their weight in artistic gold.  


Her photography based works celebrate the beauty, character and strength of women of color.


Kara Walker

Her black and white silhouettes are masterful.



Deborah Roberts

Tackles race and gender like no other.



Bisa Butler

Her technicolor portraits are a thing of utter beauty.



Florine Demosthene

The Haiti, NY and Joburg based visual artist aims to draw attention to the subtleties and complexities of racial constructs. Her works have been widely displayed throughout the US and London.


Marcellina Oseghale Akpojotor

Her famous, contemporary multicolor portraits are comprised of layers of Ankara fabric.   



Who are some of your favorite artists? Share them in the comments section below.