In Her Purse: What's Inside My Dior

Confession: I love peering inside other women's purses! And I know I'm not alone. One of my favorite gossip magazines devotes an entire column to what's inside the purses of Hollywood most imitable starlets. And just like you can learn a lot about someone from their collection of books, or even the apps on their phone, you can also decipher a woman's passion and pursuits by what she keeps closets to her at all times. 

Growing up my mother taught me to not only carefully consider which handbag I chose to carry but she also insisted that I keep a few must-haves: perfume samples, monogrammed handkerchiefs and a quality ink pen. I remember keeping these items in my backpack when I was in elementary school! My mother was just that serious. I suppose it's no surprise then that I not only take my handbag collection seriously but I also have a fascination with what I choose to keep inside. So, take a peak at what I always carry with me! The contents may surprise you!

IMG_1754 (1).jpg

·      A tea lover, I always carry around Dean and DeLuca's peppermint tea. Perfect for stressful days. 

·      I love oils and Aveda's Shampure is the BEST. Great for hair static, cuticles and lips. And the scent is perfection, a mix of shampoo and tulips!

·      As a writer, I always carry a book, markers and a good ink pen.

·      A lip gloss junkie, my favorites are Dior (but of course) and Bobbi Brown, both in neutral, sheer tones.

·      I carry infant-sized plastic spoons because I prefer to use my own utensils when dining out, plus I like the idea of taking small bites.

·      Admittedly, I carry a pair of infant socks as a way of putting out to the universe just how much I want a baby! I think of it like a child putting a tooth under their pillow. Perhaps there's a baby fairy? Let's hope so!

·      I always carry a bottle of Rodin, one of my favorite perfumes.

·      DryBar sparkling soda shine hair mist is DIVINE as is Glow Recipe watermelon pink juice moisturizer.  For my hands, I prefer Clarins nail and hand creme. If you're over 40 and not carrying moisturizer in your purse, you should do so. Now. Also, sunglasses are a must if you want to stave off wrinkles around your eyes. My favorite pair is by Celine.


What are some quirky items that you keep in your purse? Leave you comments below.