Valentine's Gifts for the Chic Girl

If ever there was a holiday in which creativity were severely lacking it's St. Valentine's Day. Most women will receive the same gift of flowers, chocolates and stuffed animals, the last of which is utterly inexplicable. Perhaps our partners exhausted all their gift-giving prowess during the holidays? Besides, the aforementioned gifts are simple enough to find and perfectly adequate, but adequacy hardly equates passionate foresight. This year try to wow her by giving her a gift that makes her cry happy tears, one sure to end with sticky sweet kisses and plenty of "I love yous!"

And remember, homemade gifts or those that require action are ALWAYS the preferred choice.  A perfectly planned picnic or a restored, vintage family photograph brought to life and framed are nearly impossible to best. If you're fresh out of amorous gestures fret not. The following gifts will melt her heart-- and perhaps your wallet-- but certainly your sweetheart is worth the burn!

1.) Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil  $65


2.) Krug Pink Rose Champagne  $249.97


3.) Diptyque Rose Delight Limited Edition Candle $68


4.) NYC Bond number 9 mini bom bom perfume set  $170


5.) Rebecca De Ravenel bom bom earrings  $295


6.) Laurence and Chico pink fur gloves $425


7.) GigGi Burris feather hair comb $290


8.) Hanut Singh One of a Kind Jagged heart earrings $16,000


9.) Vivetta Pink Fur Coat $965



10.) Linda Pearl Spiked Choker $215


What is the most creative and romantic gift you've given someone? Share it in our comments section !