The Chicest Easter Basket EVER!

You might think that putting together an Easter basket is as easy as, say, dying Easter eggs. Add some fake green grass, a few colorful plastic eggs filled with jelly beans, the requisite chocolate bunny with a few other saccharin treats for good measure and you'll appease just about every little person under 12-years-old. But Easter isn't just for children and creating a memorable basket  takes considerable forethought and a chic eye.

Whether it's top-notch chocolates or a dollop of white sturgeon washed down with a sip of Hangar's new Rose vodka--which we've admittedly been looking for a reason to buy-- culling together luxe treats for the chicest of baskets is almost as fun as the ingredients are yummy. So In honor of decidedly adult feasts, I've listed a few items, including one adorable non-edible gift, which should round out what could be the chicest Easter basket EVER! No hunting required!


Hangar 1 new Rose Vodka $32


Saks Fifth Avenue Charbonnel et Walker Milk Sea Salt Caramel Truffles $150


Saks Fifth Avenue Louis Sherry 12-piece Nile blue Truffle Collection $40


Avenue ROE caviar White Sturgeon from Neiman Marcus $100


Saks Fifth Avenue Sugarfina Sweet Sparkling Bento gummy bear box $65


Herend Handstand Bunny Figurine from Neiman Marcus $245


Savannah Bee Company Sourwood Gold Reserve Honey $105