Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

Donut kabobs. Peach bruschetta with goat cheese and honey. Edible serving spoons. Ice cubes filled with edible flowers. And prosecco topped with cotton candy. A seasoned hostess will attest that these touches are the stuff of party planning dreams. My mother, the doyenne of entertaining, taught me well: a great party is found in the details. So, when I was recently charged with throwing a dear friend's baby shower, I threw myself into party combat mode. It would be the stuff of legends. Come hell or high water, or in this case, come crying babies and sleepless nights!


I've heard that it's best to build a party around a theme. But I prefer to center my details around the cake! It's also necessary to create a signature drink and a menu with myriad options. My friend, a junk food fiend, was wowed by the menu which consisted of hamburger sliders, mini shrimp tacos, a French fry bar, gourmet cotton candy, champagne floats and miniature chicken and waffles with plastic injectors filled with maple syrup. In fact, the only thing better than our delightful menu, was the new baby we feted! 


There are other adorable tips for planning the perfect baby shower:

1. If you cannot afford floral arrangements, decorate with balloons, children's books, or even toys.

2. Your invite is everything! The cutest one I've ever seen was an acrylic puzzle! You put the pieces together in order to decipher the party details! Genius !

3. Games aren't necessary if you're able to create a festive mood that encourages socializing. Consider having a masseuse on hand, someone who can apply henna, and even a fortune teller. I recently heard of a baby shower that was thrown at a local bakery, where guests made monogrammed cupcakes.  Be creative!I Side note: If I never play another round of pin the diaper on the newborn it will be far too soon.

4. Consider themed bars: popcorn bars, ice cream sunday bars, candy al.

5. If the new mommy doesn't need gifts, consider having guests donate to charities that help children in foster homes or assists new mother's who are facing financial hardships.


What are some baby shower ideas? What did you serve? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!