Mother's Day Chic on an even Chicer Budget!

My most creative Mother's Day gift was one of the cheapest. One year, while home in Denver, I treated my mother to a day at the museum. There was a retrospective of fashions from the house of St. Laurent, perhaps one of Paris' most imitable designers.  Because I get my love of fashion from my mother, I knew she would appreciate a day filled with haute couture and, most importantly, quality mother daughter time. To mark the occasion, I bought her a coffee table book filled with his most iconic looks, and to this day it sits prominently displayed in her living room.  Not every holiday can be meticulously planned and excited, but those that are tend to hold significant meaning. It's easy to pick out an exquisite accessory or a coveted bottle of perfume, but it takes forethought and effort to craft a holiday fraught with meaning.

So, before you make a mad dash for the mall, consider one of these less commercial alternatives.

1.) Plan a family picnic in your own backyard! A menu of baked chicken, salad, lemonade and cupcakes served outdoors would be a darling surprise. Bring out the family albums and spend a lunch reminiscing about the family memories that you hold dearest!


2.) Find vintage photographs of mom in her glory days and have them framed in sterling silver. Take the time to write a letter about what the picture means to you and place it behind the image.

3.) Find old shirts, blankets, dresses that hold special meaning and secure a seamstress that can turn it into a quilt. This requires forethought and time, so you'll need to plan accordingly. And make sure you don't choose to disessemble a piece that she wouldn't want destroyed! 

4.) Invest in a locket and fill it with her favorite picture. Make sure to have it engraved with a phrase, nickname or date that's consequential.


5.) Almost every woman has a piece of important jewelry that's broken or missing a stone that she's simply not had the time to have repaired.  Have it fixed and present it to her and I can guarantee it will bring tears to her eyes.

6.) Create a lifetime achievement award home movie where you have the people she loves most express what she means to them! For a fun twist, have everyone dress up as though they're literally presenting her with an award at an actual awards ceremony!

7.) Plant her favorite tree, flowerbeds, or even start a garden filled with her favorite herbs! Take a wicker basket and fill it with gardening tools, seeds and a book on gardening.


However you choose to fete your mother, make sure to invest time and thought. The most creative, memorable holidays are those that reflect effort. And if you too have budget-friendly ideas, share them in our comments section below!